Download DICOM Browser

DicomBrowser is an application for inspecting and modifying DICOM metadata in many files at once. A single imaging session can produce thousands of DICOM files; DicomBrowser allows users to view and edit a whole session—or even multiple sessions—at once. Users can save the original or modified files to disk, or send them across a network to a DICOM C-STORE service class provider, such as a PACS or an XNAT.

Important caveats:

  • Does not support DICOM sequences and should not be used as a proof of de-identification
  • Only supports DICOM Edit 4.2 and earlier
DICOM Browser

Download the latest version of DICOM Browser | XNAT Software License Agreement

Get DICOM Browser

The latest version of DICOM Browser is 1.7.5-20181217092853. Download the appropriate installer for your system.